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Project Description


This is the most simple assisted reproduction technique that is closest to natural fertilization. It consists in injecting a semen sample previously treated in our laboratory into the uterus, making it easier for the sperm to reach the oocyte. The source of the semen is from the couple.

The intrauterine insemination can take place during a natural cycle or after a process of ovary stimulation. The rate for pregnancy is significantly higher in stimulated cycles than natural cycles.

In the case of selecting the treatment for ovary stimulation, it is normally monitored by vaginal ultrasounds which reveal the number and size of developing follicles.

Once adequate development is reached, another type of medication is administered to achieve the final maturation of the oocytes and to schedule the most appropriate time for completing the insemination.

Treatment Schedule

Here are the steps that you should follow for completing your Intrauterine Insemination treatment.

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Normal Rate

[table-cell id=1 row=1 column=2/]one payment
  • * Normal Rate – DOES NOT include:
    > Diagnostic tests
    > Medication

    > Cryopreservation of embryos

Prevent Rate

[table-cell id=1 row=1 column=3 /]2 payments
  • * Prevent Rate includes:
    > Genetic matching study

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