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Project Description


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproduction technique where clinical work is combined with laboratory technique because it consists of putting male gametes (spermatozoa) in contact with female gametes (oocytes) to achieve fertilization and the initial embryonic development outside of the woman’s body (In Vitro, in laboratory, in an external, controlled environment, as close to as what would exist in nature).

The technique takes place in the laboratory, but with the couple’s own gametes, and consists of:

Obtaining gametes from both

To get more oocytes and therefore have a higher probability of success with fertilization, it is recommended to stimulate the ovaries with daily administration of hormones for 8-15 days. During that time, monitoring takes place via ultrasound at appointments to monitor the development of the follicles (small sacs that contain the ova). When the follicles reach the desired size, a drug is given that will trigger the final maturation changes and the follicular puncture will be scheduled (about 36 hours later).

Spermatozoa are obtained, whenever possible, on the same day as the follicular puncture. The sample will be collected at the center so that it can be immediately prepared in the laboratory.

In Vitro Fertilization in the laboratory

Oocytes are prepared for the technique and it is confirmed which are mature and able to be microinjected.

A sperm cell is introduced into each mature oocyte.

Embryonic culture

It is performed on ova that have been successfully fertilized.

The day after the ICSI, the embryologist can confirm the fertilization rate. The zygotes obtained will remain in cultivation for two to six days where their development will be monitored.

Embryo transfer

On the day of the transfer, we select two embryos that have the best developmental characteristics. They are placed in a thin catheter and are transferred to the uterus. This procedure is painless and does not require anesthesia.

Treatment Schedule

Here are the steps that you should follow for completing your In Vitro-ICSI treatment.

From your home city

In Sevilla

After the last monitoring ultrasound, you will finally travel to Sevilla where they will await you for:

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Normal Rate

[table-cell id=1 row=3 column=2/]one payment
  • * Normal Rate – DOES NOT include:
    > Diagnostic tests
    > Medication

    > Cryopreservation of embryos

Prevent Rate

[table-cell id=1 row=3 column=3 /]2 payments
  • * Prevent Rate includes:
    > Genetic matching study

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