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Project Description


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproduction technique where clinical work is combined with laboratory technique because it consists of putting male gametes (spermatozoa) in contact with female gametes (oocytes) to achieve fertilization and the initial embryonic development outside of the woman’s body (In Vitro, in laboratory, in an external, controlled environment, as close to as what would exist in nature).

The first step to be completed in this treatment is to select a donor who is compatible with the recipient. CEIFER BIOBANCO completes an exhaustive study on suitability of donors from psychological and physiological perspectives:

  • A personal and family history is completed to rule out hereditary diseases.

  • A psychological test is completed in accordance with the recommendations from the Spanish Fertility Society.
  • A complete gynecological examination is completed.
  • Clinical tests are completed to rule out carriers of sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases, diseases of genetic origin….etc.

Donor identity data is stored anonymously by our medical team following the strictest confidentiality guidelines.

At the same time, the recipient woman undergoes a simple treatment to prepare the uterus and thus achieve the maximum receptivity of the transferred embryos.

Concurrently, our laboratory selects a suitable sample of semen from our semen bank, CEIFER BIOBANCO.

Treatment Schedule

Here are the steps that you should follow for completing your In Vitro Fertilization-ICSI treatment with donor oocytes and donor sperm.

From your home city:

In Sevilla:

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Please feel free to ask for a personalized budget. SevillaHealth offers the most competitive prices in the market.


IVF / ICSI with oocyte donor and sperm donor

Normal Rate

[table-cell id=1 row=6 column=2/]one payment
  • * Normal Rate – DOES NOT include:
    > Diagnostic tests
    > Medication

    > Cryopreservation of embryos

Prevent Rate

[table-cell id=1 row=6 column=3 /]2 payments
  • * Prevent Rate includes:
    > Genetic matching study

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