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Manage our services your own in order to have the best experience during your stay in Sevilla.

In addition to treatment, SevillaHealth offers you a whole portfolio of other services in order to assist you with:

  • Coordinating trips, travel, and stays with the medical service you will be receiving.

  • Getting to know and enjoying one of the most charming corners of the world: Sevilla.

  • INTERPRETER. SevillaHealth offer an interpretation service in order to guarantee the communication.
  • CONSULATE INFORMATION. Please, click here to contact your consulate to confirm the availability of your travel.

    SevillaHealth will provide you the documentation needed.

  • TRAVEL INSURANCE. In order to travel with the most tranquility and according to your needs you may create your own insurance.

  • FLIGHTS. Book your flight through SevillaHealth.
  • TRANSFER. We offer safe and comfortable transportation from your point of arrival to your destination in Sevilla.

  • ACCOMMODATION. SevillaHealth gives you the opportunity to book your stay in the best places and with the best quality.

  • LEISURE. Let SevillaHealth plan your free time and discover the best of Sevilla.